Ianthe on the prowl

Ianthe on the prowl

Welcome to our website celebrating lovely, cuddly, wonderful cats!

We have several breeds – but only breed the Somali’s! I do blog about all of them, so check out the blogs – people say they are funny..

Did you just want to get in touch? Send us an e-mail on annemarie@purplecatcoaching.com – I am happy to talk about cats!

We do occasionally have Somali kittens for sale and we are always happy to hear from enthusiastic, responsible people who wants their lives run by furry charmers with iron paws hidden in the softest possible fur..

D'Artagnan having a snooze

D’Artagnan having a snooze

Somali’s have been in my (Anne-Marie’s) life for 18 years. My most precious boy, D’Artagnan passed away in February 2013, but he thoroughly influenced everyone he came near. He had the same outstanding temperament as the two breeding girls I now have (they are descended from his sister), and I used him for photoshoots, as companion for ill cats and as my best friend and buddy.. So this website always will be dedicated to his memory. Check out the blogs – the first 28 were written while he was still alive and he has a big part in them.


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