007 kitty power

Sometimes I think my age shows…. We recently went and saw the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. It was excellent, but afterwards I started dwelling on all the great James Bond movies I have seen through the years. Now, I am a bit of a Bond fan, so it suddenly struck me that there could potentially be an explanation for my inexplicable love of Chinchilla Persians!  Remember Blofeld? And the kitty he had? Well, those were always my favourite Bond movies…

All Me... Look At How Fluffy I Can Be.. Now Give Me 5 Minutes And Watch How Many Leaves I Can Pick Up..

All Me… Look At How Fluffy I Can Be.. Now Give Me 5 Minutes And Watch How Many Leaves I Can Pick Up..

When you get your cat based on a movie I guess you have expectations of something slightly sinister. That might actually have been the case with my first one, but Ulysses, my current fuzzy boy is anything but sinister. He is, to put it mildly, a bit of a wuzz… He seems to have taken his soft, cuddly exterior to heart. Whenever something happens in the house, he is inevitably to be found in a corner or behind Penny waiting for someone else to defend him. The only things he seems to go for are mice –and even them he manages to catch without killing them. When he lies on my desk, happily purring away, he is gone in a flash the second a lorry or a tractor passes on the road outside. Might Get Me, he worriedly confides…

Even on the Bond side, he doesn’t quite manage the dignified lying on the lap and having his head stroked. He LOVES to lie on my lap – but preferably with both front paws wrapped around my hand and his head solidly plunked down on top as well – just in case I start to think about leaving… As for the whole dignified in general thing – well, He Just Doesn’t See The Point – Get More Cuddles Being Cute, he claims.. That doesn’t stop him from being able to express dissatisfaction with his entire being when I pick him up and he isn’t ready for it. Undignified, he complains, Might FALL, he gasps, NOO, Mummy, Don’t Turn Me Upside Down – You Might Groom My Tummy, he wails. Though apart from the turning upside down, he never does anything except cling on for dear life… because, bless him, he is terribly afraid of heights… Not for him the elegant leap into a tree, instead it is more of a clamber about 3 feet up and then a desperate call – Get Me Down, Quick! Too scary all together.

He has grown in confidence over the last 6 months, though. Initially when we got the mittens – the Somali kittens – he was petrified… TOO SCARY! He said… Must Be Related To Ferrets Or Something Fast With Teeth, he worried. It’s only now that he is playing with them a bit and starting to enjoy the odd cuddle with them. On their side they think he is Best Pillow Ever! SuperSoft! Must Have Been Washed With Laundry Softener! As for him – well – Cuddles Always Good, he sighs – contentedly…

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