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Some of our cats  - D'Artagnan the Somali, Ulysses the Persian and Penny the Maine Coon

Some of our cats – D’Artagnan the Somali, Ulysses the Persian and Penny the Maine Coon

We are private breeders with a passion for loving, affectionate and cuddly cats with colour and personality. We are both veterinary surgeons and believe in providing a stimulating and healthy environment for our cats and kittens. We focus on temperament and health – and as a bonus on vibrant colour and stunning looks.

Our cats are all around us all the time. None of them are penned – they live with us and participate in all the daily activities (oh BOY, do they participate!) including cleaning, cooking, playing with the dog and entertaining visitors. Fortunately we have many friends and colleagues with small children so kittens can be handled extensively and get used to high levels of noise! We also have a Maine Coon that is easily twice the size of a Somali and that plays the strict auntie with everyone, and a Chinchilla Perisan that looks like a fluff ball and thinks it is fun to pounce on anything that moves. This helps kittens get used to different looking cats and different breeds – and helps them settle in far more easily in new and strange surroundings. Our dog thinks she must have personal responsibility for playing with the kittens, too!

We are always happy to hear from responsible and enthusiastic cat lovers – get in touch, whether you are interested in a kitten or just want to chat.


One thought on “About us

  1. Hi – we are looking for two Somali kittens and came across your website. We really love your stories and wondered if you have any kittens available? Also where are you based?

    We are experienced cat owners and have lost both of our 17 year old girls this year., so have plenty of love and attention to give to two new siblings.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Bridget & Pete Makepeace

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