Cat Communication

Have you ever wondered where science fiction gets its ideas from? In this case I am thinking about the ‘power-stare’. Superman’s ability to see through anything except lead, other superheroes ability to use their eyes like laser beams, etc etc. Well, my personal theory is that it all started with a cat owner…

Ahh.. Finally Some Proper Water!

Ahh.. Finally Some Proper Water!

This morning as I was in the bathroom, I turned on the tap for the Ianthe to have a drink. Ianthe is of the firm opinion that taps are exclusively for her –  providing drinking water, toys and entertainment in one package. She will run ahead of you when you are anywhere near one of the bathrooms, shouting at the top of her voice (also known as ‘braying’ when I am in one of my more unkind moods – there can be a certain insistent quality to her voice) – Come Here, Need Water Now, Must Play, It Is Time! And once you turn the water on, she scrunches up her entire face in the funniest way while she drinks at considerable speed! After which, of course, it is time to see how much of the water you can spread over the bathroom….

The only thing she thinks is even better than the tap is the shower…. Every single morning when my husband goes to take his shower, Ianthe is running back and forth in the shower cubicle shouting  Do It, Come On, Let’s Get The Water Going. And even when he turns the shower on and inadvertently (I think…) forgets to turn the shower head to the wall, so she gets the full load on top of her – she still stays in there, happily drinking and playing with the water. ‘Wet cat!’ he might shout to me to signify that I need to find a towel if I don’t want water everywhere as she merrily runs through the house drying herself on anything she can find..

So this morning it was entirely predictable that Ianthe would be happily drinking from the tap when I turned it on. This morning, however, Penny – my Maine Coon – had decided that she needed a drink… Now, if it had been Izabelle that wanted a drink, she would just have muscled in and moved her sister out of the way, or at least tried to, but Penny believes in Superior Communication. So Penny just – stared – and then she intensified her – Stare – and then she – STARED.. And for every intensity point that went up, I saw Ianthe change. The face stopped scrunching, the eyes started shifting and then – lo and behold – something REALLY INTERESTING called her from the floor, and she just HAD to go and Investigate! Not Because Of Penny, she explained as she jumped down, Just REALLY Need To See What Is There!

Right…said Penny – and proceeded to drink from the tap in a majestic and considerate way – just to make her point…

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