Cats are racist..

Checking on the cooking - Penny and D'Artagnan in the back teaching the mittens what to do

Checking on the cooking – Penny and D’Artagnan in the back teaching the mittens what to do

Did you know that cats are racist? That is the only conclusion I can come to after 46 years of owning cats in various colour combinations.. I used to have 2 Somali’s and 2 Chinchilla Persians. Inevitably, I would come home from work and find 2 cat piles – a brown one and a white one. It was so marked that I used to just chuck them into the cat carriers by colour – I knew they would get along, and indeed, my old Persian girl, Eugenie, used to think of her nephew, Einstein (no, the name didn’t help – he STILL didn’t have any brain compared to the Somalis..) as just another convenient duvet to burrow under.
I have had enough experience with this that I was quite sure the Somali girls – Ianthe and Izabelle – probably would settle down quite quickly with everyone brown – but would take longer with Ulysses, my Chinchilla Persian. Everything has worked out as predicted.
The first one they felt comfortable with was my old Somali D’Artagnan. Not only does he look exactly like them, but he probably feels right and behaves right – after all he IS there many times great uncle as they are direct descendants of his sister! It was only a few days before they were chirping at him and trying to kiss him – much to his disgust.. Kittens Are Annoying, he announced. Too Pushy! Take Up Incredible Amounts Of Space On The Desk, he grumbled. Am NOT Your Mother, he exclaimed when Izabelle tried to suckle him… But mostly he puts up with them.
Penny – my Maine Coon – was the next one to be accepted. After spending the first 5 days staring incredulously at the kittens while commenting You Have GOT To Be F&*^%$^ Kidding!!!, she then informed us that we Had Abandoned Her. Was Poor Kitty Now That Noone Loved. All attempts at cuddles were met with the most magnificent sulks and she even tried to claim that she Had Lost Her Appetite – From Grief! Not that we noticed that actually… Eventually she relaxed and about 10 days in she let us know that she Was Very Important AUNTIE! Have To Look After The Little Ones, she proclaimed. Must Teach Them How To Effectively Beg For Food And Where Best To Sit On The Table When Mum Is Cooking! So now we have a loooong one and two very fast ones keeping eagle eyes on anything that has to do with food preparation.
Ulysses is the one that is going to take the longest. Apart from the fact that the kittens think his tail would make a a great toy (I think they got it confused with the white feather toy we have), they mostly consider him as a Very Fluffy And Soft Pillow. Ulysses walks around them hopefully chirping away, trying to encourage them to play with him. He drags his toy temptingly in front of them, but when I pick it up to play with the three of them, he gets so confused and intimidated by the sheer speed of them that he gives up. His best time of day is at night when we shut the kittens in the bathroom – that reminds Penny that she is his chew toy and the two of them have a rumble – though never as long as he would like… But as for playing – hmm, that is going to take a bit longer…

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