Hanging out with the dog

5 cats and 1 dog makes for a lively household. We inherited the dog from my mother-in-law when she passed away, and she arrived with us a slightly demented Lakeland terrier called Molly. Now, Molly had come to visit since she was 6 weeks old and had spent vacations with us many times, so she was really used to the cats and while distinctly cautious about them, still did her best to get on with them. When we got the two youngsters – Ianthe and Izabelle, our Somali kittens, the situation changed slightly…

No. You Can't Have The Ball. Ever. Nope. Definitely..

No. You Can’t Have The Ball. Ever. Nope. Definitely..

First of all – Molly has been brilliant. From the first time she was introduced to the two spitting, hissing balls of fur, she has been gentle and used superb cat language (we actually think that she genuinely believes that she is a cat..). The kittens took a bit longer to persuade that REALLY, Molly is very nice! Somewhere along the way they also managed to completely lose all respect for her, though… Instead, they decided that she was obviously The Really Big Punching Toy! Anytime something goes wrong – say one of them gets her foot wrong (when she didn’t intend to), one of the falls off something (which obviously they always intended to!) or one of them gets beaten up (by the other one or by Auntie Penny, our Maine Coon) – they head straight for Molly. BAM goes the paw – and What?!? Says Molly with a slightly puzzled expression on her face when she doesn’t chose to just ignore it and roll her (considerable) eyebrows. Punching the dog seems to be something that can be done while standing still and staring at her – or while on the run! It is obvious that all parties are clear that this is a friendly game, though. These days Molly doesn’t even bother getting out of the way, but then she probably reckons that it doesn’t make any difference anyway.

Things become interesting when we get around to feeding times. All the cats – except D’Artagnan, the old Somali – are keenly interested in food. Any food. Anywhere. Any time… And that includes the dog food… We feed Molly a healthy, dry kibble from Science Plan, and we can confidently say that it seems to be very tasty – both according to the dog and the cats! For when feeding time comes around it is a proper frenzy who gets it first! This is good news from the our point of view as Molly used to be quite a finicky eater. Well, that isn’t really an option anymore… because if you don’t eat as fast as you can – there won’t be anything left!! It is hilarious though to watch her with her head in the bowl, and at least 2 young cats with theirs in there as well, Molly and Izzie growling at each other and Izzie occasionally swiping Molly with her paw – all over some dry dog kibble…. Must be tasty…

As for the future – well, we are still waiting for the kittens to react appropriately to Molly when she drops a wet and soggy toy on top of them to try and entice them to play tug of war. Knowing Somali’s – it is probably just a question of time anyway…

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