Kittens or adults?

Izabelle on the left, Ianthe on the right. Plant... What Plant? Oh THAT Plant!!

Izabelle on the left, Ianthe on the right. Plant… What Plant? Oh THAT Plant!!

Through my life I have had the great experience of having kittens grow up with me – and the equally great experience of getting an adult cat. In my mind both have great benefits. When you get kittens you get to see them grow and develop their personalities. You have the fun of watching them play INCESSANTLY with each other (or you), and you can teach them to be indoor cats if that is what is best.

The slightly less fun part of having kittens has to do with the sheer amount of chaos you go through… especially with Somali kittens. Currently in our house, all breakable items have been packed away. Table tops are scrutinised for anything that might be swallowed and cause damage and plants are carefully propped up or barricaded so when (notice the when..) they jump at the leaves, they don’t pull the plants over. The open bin in the bedroom has been replaced with a bin with a lid, so we can finally avoid having the contents spread over the entire house. (GREAT Stuff In Bins, they both claim..). Flowers from my husband are carefully placed in double vases, so when (notice the when…) the vase gets knocked over, there is another one there to cushion it and prevent it from spilling water all over the floor. It makes me realise just why my good friend – who is the Somali breeder I got the kittens from – many years ago gave me a special vase that is extremely heavy and has a very broad base. That is the one everything else goes into – it is the only thing that will stand up to the wilful attacks of the two terrorists. Hmm – she must have had experience…

Being quite a few years since I last had a Somali kitten, I must admit I had forgotten the scale of destruction they can leave in their wakes. It is very like having a herd of monkeys – they get into everything and their inventiveness when it comes to pulling things to pieces is truly impressive. Some things we take for granted these days, such as having to pick the tissues off the floor in small pieces. They still think it is a great sport to pluck them out of the box one at a time to shred them. Cat litter is still everywhere – Digging Is A Great Sport And You Can Never Practice Enough, they tell us, and I have given up on my orchid – the bark apparently Must Live On The Floor.  Toilet paper has to be locked away – Too Cool For Words, they shout as they chase the roll down the stairs and you still have to stand to one side when you let them out of the bathroom in the morning – WHAT HAVE WE MISSED-NOW-FEED-US-FEED-US-FEED-US-NOWWWWW!!! Other things are still slightly challenging, such as picking one of our VERY large plants off the floor from where it fell from the first floor to the ground floor – Almost Got The Dog…they whisper…Put It Back Again..Next Time We Won’t Miss! Or fishing a kitten out of the cupboard before she can chew a hole in the bag of flour…or washing one the day she decided to jump across the loo while my husband was peeing…(yes, exactly what you think…)

It does sometimes make me long for the days when I got an adult cat. A lovely, gorgeous, sweet adult cat, who settled into my home with no chaos, no destruction – just lots of sharing personality, learning where best to scratch her chin – and purring….

Oh well, at least these ones will grow up eventually. Come to think of it though… I am going to breed them… and Somalis can easily get litters of 4-6…OMG!!!!  I need a prison cell!!!!!

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