Playful Izabelle

All cats have wonderfully different personalities and we see lots of that in this house. Indeed, with two Somali sisters, it is interesting just how big a difference there is! In a previous blog I talked about Ianthe – the Lovebug… and Izabelle is just as big a personality.

Lovely Izabelle - wondering what to pounce on next...

Lovely Izabelle – wondering what to pounce on next…

Izzie always fascinates me with her intensity of expression and her ‘wild’ moods. She is the one that will growl fiercely over the food, effectively pushing her sister away and hitting the dog to steal her food as well. All Mine, she will state. Can’t Have ANY! She has an ability to rest quietly – sitting with queenly grace while looking at her much less dignified sister – and then spring into wild action, tearing across the room and pouncing on whatever is at hand and you can almost hear how shouting YeeHaaw! Cuddles are of prime importance – after all she is a Somali! – and energetic stomping is the order of the day followed by enthusiastic encouragement to scratch her head and tummy with appropriate comments. Ohh! Just There! Now Harder! More, More, More! Again! She gives herself to the cuddles with the same abandon she does to the games – full on and with emphasis!

The other day I went to put some clothes away in the bedroom. I dropped the stack on the bed while I went to hang up a shirt – only to hear a protesting squeak. Though I hadn’t noticed it there was a bump under the bedcovers…. Izzie had made her way under there to hang out in her own personal little cave. This is where she likes to be. When the two of them cuddle in bed, Ianthe will be on my chest chewing on my nose – Izzie will be under the duvet wrapped around my hand, purring so hard that the bed shakes. Best Ever, she sighs, Love My Cave!

When she was a kitten she had a spell with an upset tummy. We used to call her Izzie-Bizzie because it rhymed well, but then her stomach settled down and we very quickly changed it to Busy-Izzie! Always finding things to get into, toys to play with and havoc to create. As I am writing this, she is energetically playing with a bit of leaf on the landing. A bit of leaf that she has chewed off my Yucca plant, mind you, after all we can’t possibly play with any of the many leaves that Ulysses (my Persian) faithfully brings in his coat, it has to be a SPECIAL leaf, on that she has found herself!  And she can’t use the one she chewed off the Yucca plant yesterday, either. Is Dead, she solemnly pronounces. Need Live One! And off she goes, leaving me with a somewhat sad Yucca plant filled with holes…

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