Spooky cats

Do you ever wonder at what goes on in the heads of cats? Whether they are just slightly telepathic or at least seem to know when your world is breaking down a bit? Most cat owners will have had times where they have been distressed and the cat has come to purr at them and want to cuddle. But sometimes it just seems as if it is a bit more…

Look Into My Eyes... Yeeesss, Look Deeply.... Now Listen To My Thoughts... Feed Me...

Look Into My Eyes… Yeeesss, Look Deeply…. Now Listen To My Thoughts… Feed Me…

Recently I went away for 3 weeks. I was home on weekends, but gone for the week as I was attending a course. It was a very intense course that meant I got very little sleep, so I was progressively feeling worse and worse during the 3 weeks. On weekends I would do my best to fit in extra sleep, and it didn’t surprise me at all when all 5 cats would enthusiastically pile into the bed with me to hang, purr and just generally make a friendly nuisance of themselves.

Midways through the third week something strange happened… About 9.30 in the morning I had a really bad episode with one of the instructors where he basically was truly offensive and very nasty. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me and I got really upset about it.  The whole thing from about 9.30 and the next 3 hours was a huge emotional rollercoaster. I was physically exhausted due to sleep deprivation and I was very, very upset due to the things that had been said to me and the way they were said, and finally decided to pull out of the rest of the days, as I was so uncomfortable with the situation and the way it was being handled (or not handled..). I got on the phone and spoke with my husband and he was (as always) being very supportive.

That night as I was packing up in preparation to leaving the next day, I saw an e-mail from my husband. It was a weird e-mail. It simply said ‘Check your Skype’. Aww – I thought – he has gone and send me a really nice Skype message!! So I went into Skype –and true enough, it said that there were 7 messages from him on there. I did think that was a bit weird, after all we had been talking on the phone – but then I opened the messages up. Starting from 9.32 and continuing for almost exactly 3 hours there were indeed 7 messages, bearing in mind that my husband had been at work with no access to Skype. They went something like:

Sfge yjvsk 773



Etc. etc.

Now, everybody knows that cats like to play on keyboards… The thing is, I can confidently say that I have never received a Skype message from them before or after this. And the really spooky thing is the timing… Exactly when I was feeling down, exactly that time frame where I was feeling the worst. So tell me what you think… are cats spooky or what??

Oh – and I never did find out who did it – no signature… Hmm, something to work on there…

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