The bathmat

Alex busy moving the bathmat before his dad can get out of the shower..

Alex busy moving the bathmat before his dad can get out of the shower..

The other day my husband went to have a shower in the afternoon as he had been working in the garage most of the day with the resulting amounts of oil and general dirt liberally distributed over generous amounts of body surface. As he stood under the shower he called me and asked me if I could put the bath mat down, as he didn’t seem to have any. I was somewhat puzzled by that, because I could have sworn that I had seen it just 10 minutes previously, but true enough- no bath mat on the floor by the shower cubicle. After a bit of searching, the bath mat was located in the kitchen under the kitchen table where it had mysteriously migrated to. After a stern look at Molly-dog, I put the bath mat down so it would be ready when my husband would finally have washed off all the oil and started walking back through the utility room towards the kitchen.

It was at this point that something flashed past me and as I looked down I realised that it was Alexander merrily running BACK to the kitchen – with the bath mat in his mouth… Much suddenly became clear..

Bathmat Is Best Toy Ever, he triumphantly declared.. Look! Just Like Towel I Use When I Am Being Bottlefed! Should Live In Cat Carrier Where I Used To Sleep, he mumbled while busily trying to stuff the bathmat into the cat carrier that lives permanently in the utility room where they can use it as a bed.

After some negotiation I managed to persuade the little man that I could have the bathmat, so I went and put it back in front of the shower cubicle. I had only just made it halfway through the utility room (and it is not THAT big) before he ran past me again – with the bathmat in the mouth… Heh, Heh, he chortled, Great Game.. This was the point where I went to get the camera…

We eventually worked out that if I THREW the mat from the other end of the utility room, I JUST had time to get the camera up before he actually managed to pick the mat up and start running with it. Bliss, he sighed after ½ hour, Love Playing With Mum. Why Is Dad Standing There Shivering And Wet??

It is not just the bathmat that gets stolen. Recently I took Izabelle and Ianthe to a cat show and as you do, I decided to wash them a couple of days before. I had everything nicely lined up next to the bathtub – shampoo, a stack of towels and a spare comb. Ianthe was first – she is as laid back as they come and was busy drinking from the tap while I lathered the shampoo through her fur. Once she was done and all rinsed out, I went to pick up the towel from beside me while keeping a sharp eye on her – after all you never know when they decide to have had enough and chasing a dripping wet cat through the house can quickly become a slippery affair. My questing hand searched back and forth and found…..nothing…… After much swearing I managed to get a spare towel out of the cupboard without losing my now thoroughly disgruntled girl so I could dry her. Needless to say the 4 towels I had placed at the ready were strewn throughout the house where Alex had enthusiastically spread them before going back for another one!!

Alex busily transporting the bathmat..

Alex busily transporting the bathmat..

Like Towels, he confided in me that evening while staring slightly cross-eyed in my face, Have My Eyes On Dad’s Towel, Too… Just Have To Figure Out How To Get It While He Is In The Shower… At which point I decided to take all baths and showers while Alex is locked in the spare bathroom at night..

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