The challenges about cleaning

Izabelle - Me? Not Helping With Cleaning? Don't Know What You Are Talking About..

Izabelle – Me? Not Helping With Cleaning? Don’t Know What You Are Talking About..

When you have kittens in the house, cleaning takes on a whole new meaning. Tissues are abducted from the table and shredded to tiny pieces. Cat litter is enthusiastically excavated and spread over large areas of the floor – Archaeology Research, they proclaim. Must See All Details! Might Miss Something! – and bins are upended, burrowed through and contents energetically distributed throughout the house.. Treasure Hunt, they enthuse. Look What We Found! And they drag something potentially embarrassing or just very gross right past your dinner guests…
Cleaning up after them is then the next challenge. The first step is usually to get out the broom to collect the worst of it. As I sweep across the floor, the cleaning becomes somewhat erratic due to the fact that I have two kittens wrapped around the broom being swept along with it. WooHoo, Fun! Ianthe says. Am A Very Big Broom, Izabelle solemnly declare. And once I have – laboriously – swept everything into a pile and turn around to get the dustpan, usually one or both of them take an enthusiastic run through the pile and scatters it everywhere.
The vacuum cleaner presents its own problems. First of all they are completely indifferent to the noise to the point where you have to be careful not to accidentally hoover right over them. Second, they think that the electric chord is the most fun toy EVER! And if that isn’t moving enough, there is always the hose from the vacuum cleaner to the pipe – you could just bite your way through that!
Dusting is fascinating as well – after all, it is Very Important To Follow That Cloth Everywhere! Needless to say, everything that can break has been packed away or has been moved to a level where it can’t be knocked off.
The older cats are either quietly amused by the whole thing (Penny), round eyed with bemusement (Ulysses) or determinedly ignoring it (D’Ar). D’Artagnan adamantly refuses to admit that he EVER did anything like that. Was MUCH Better Behaved, he claims, Never Emptied Bins! Which – to the best of my knowledge – is actually true. But then he was an only kitten – he was with an older cat when I first got him, and I do sometimes wonder how much of the challenges are due to having two… But then I remember when I got my other Somali kitten – Zito – many years ago. While I don’t remember exactly what he did, I DO remember very much the burning desire to just shut him in another room for a couple of hours! So far so good with the kittens – they are hilarious and they spread laughter everywhere they go – except maybe with D’Ar…

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