The lovebug

Ianthe at a photo shoot at the veterinary practice - making friends

Ianthe at a photo shoot at the veterinary practice – making friends

Most cats are affectionate. Some can be slightly more reserved though even that usually disappears with the years and when they attach themselves to their Special Person. I have found that to be one of the key differences between cats and dogs. Dogs tend to be happy to speak to lots of people while cats are far more focused on just one person. With that one person they have a special language, special behaviours and special habits.
In our household D’Artagnan is completely my cat. He will deign to talk to my husband if I haven’t been home all day – but it is my pillow he sleeps on, it is my company he wants and it is me he is completely focused on.
When we got the mittens – the mini kittens – we expected them to be very sociable. Somalis almost always are, and these were specifically chosen from a fantastic breeder in Denmark that I have known for years. I had met both the parents and been blown away by how affectionate they were, so I knew I was going to get absolutely the best temperaments possible. Izabelle is lying next to me on the desk as I write, regularly pointing out to me that she Needs To Be Cuddled – Now. Izzie has the laid back approach to wanting attention. She will walk over me and lie next to me and purr – waiting for me to give her some attention. After a while, she will roll around and put a paw on my arm – still very courteously – becoming more demanding, and she might poke my mouse to be sure she gets my attention. She is truly impressive in her ability to direct her purr. I swear, she can poke people with it! Now, this is something I have noticed before with my old Somali – D’Ar. His thing is to sit in the middle of the night on my pillow and just purr – directionally – until I wake up. Much Better This Way, he will tell me. Sleep No Good When Cuddles Are Needed. Cuddle. Now!
Ianthe is a completely different story. First of all, Ianthe does not have a Special Person. Ianthe thinks that ALL people are Special People, and obviously they need to be told! Ianthe goes straight to anyone the moment she sees them. Purring loudly, she affectionately headbutts them. Love You, she shares. Chewing on their chin, she says: Is A Kiss. Really. And while biting their nose, she comments: Most Wonderful Person You Are. At this point she will throw herself on her back in their arms, kneading their face with her paws while purring so loudly that she can be heard across the room. Cuddles Best Thing Ever, she sighs ecstatically. And then she gets up and moves – loudly purring – to the next person in the room. Love You, she shares…and very quickly: Is A Kiss. Really.
While typing on my computer, I will often be helped by her. She prefers to lie on her back in the bend of my elbow, purring loudly and gently waving her paws about. Every 30 seconds she will turn or move to make sure that I keep my attention focused on her. After about 15 minutes we MIGHT get to the point where she settles down, and I will be left to do my work with one arm partly immobilised by a snoring kitten on one side – and by this time usually a snoring Izabelle on the other side. What People Are For, they agree. Comfy Beds And Cuddle Hands. Oh – And Food!

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