The Weather

Just as with so many other things, in our household, the cats blame us for the weather.

Well, Don't Just Stand There! Make It Stop Raining! Now!!

Well, Don’t Just Stand There! Make It Stop Raining! Now!!

Picture this: Cat (typically Penny (our big Maine Coon) or D’Ar (our 17 year old Somali) will stand in front of the door that leads from the kitchen to the garden. Now, this is a French Window door – so they can perfectly well look through the glass and see exactly what the weather is like outside. If we do not jump up quickly enough to let them out, the inevitable pointed stare (over the shoulder) will follow. Need Out. Now.  Move! If that doesn’t work, an impatient, tight circle might be walked in front of the door and an imperious shout. Yo! Pay Attention! Service Now!

On a good day, that is where it ends. The door gets opened, cat runs out to catch things in the garden or drink the yucky rain water (Tastes Much Better Than Tap Water – Even With Dead Snails In It, they claim. ). On rainy days or even worse, rainy days with WIND – it is another story. The first give away is that when we open the door, the cat doesn’t move… Instead, it sticks its nose out and sniffs gently. If the weather is bad enough, that usually means it gets settled quickly – kitty turns away with a disgusted look on her / his face and walks off – grumbling under their breath. If the weather is so, so…. kitty stays in the door. And stays. And stays. Might Change Momentarily, they complain when I urge them to make a decision. Never Know. Not Sure I Want To Go Out After All.

Since we don’t let the mittens (our 1 year old Somali girls) out in the garden, and since they are lightning fast, having the kitchen door open for extended periods of time is a very bad idea.. If the weather isn’t too bad, I have been known to bend down and gently shove Penny out the door, but D’Ar – of course – always gets to choose.  So there I am, with the door open, the old Somali hanging out and thinking about it and me using my feet to fend off inquisitive girl noses. Eventually, he will turn around and go off in disgust..

The story doesn’t stop there, of course. Because, as far as the cats are concerned. Weather Changes. We Are Sure. Very Fast. So three minutes later – there is the cat again. Need Out. Now! Move! And we go through the routine again. Usually by then, they decide that it is Our Fault. Mummy You Have Made The Weather Bad, they say. Now Change It! Immediately! All delivered with the most offended expression on their faces and a stare straight into yours. And it doesn’t matter how much I protest my innocence – Will Have Revenge, Penny grumbles (D’Ar is too old to go that far – he just sulks), Chew On Your Rye Bread When You Turn Your Back! Ruin It For You!  And off she goes…

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