One of the regular routines in our household when we have visitors coming is that last minute running around with the vacuum cleaner. Let’s face it. In a house with 5 cats – 3 of which go in and out of the garden – and a dog, it is inevitable that even the best cleaning is doomed to die a quick death. You can be assured that by the time you walk from having put the vacuum cleaner away and to the front door to let in your guests – Someone will have tracked leaves all over the kitchen floor,  Someone will have put damp kitty prints all over the kitchen table and Someone Else will have sent a spray of kitty litter out through the front of the litter box – Needed To Go Right Now! Quite Urgent…

Ohh...Wonder What I Can Think Up Next..

Ohh…Wonder What I Can Think Up Next..

Now, I don’t know how many nooks and crannies you have in your house, but we have quite a lot. And even with the best cleaning (at least so I will claim) dust bunnies can magically appear underneath furniture. I think there is a black hole somewhere just for those where they can pop out from.  As my kitties are ever helpful, you can be sure that once I am seated with my guest(s), Someone Small will diligently dig out a dust bunny and proudly bat it our way. Not to me where I might be able to discreetly whisk it away – no always to the visitor. Look What Mum Missed! And It’s HUGE!  And all of this will be said with lots of chortles, acrobatic bounces and a penetrating voice to ensure that the visitor COULDN’T POSSIBLY miss the fact that the house isn’t completely clean…

Of course the cleaning itself is greatly helped as well. These days it is a bit lowering to realise that where the mittens (Somali girls) originally thought that washing the floor was great fun to help with, now they think the stiff broom is down right scary…. which probably means that I wash the floor less than the breeder they came from. Fortunately the dog thinks it is great that she now has sole right to chase it around – and everybody else are following me quite closely anyway. Naturally, the best place to be is on the piece of floor I have just washed – otherwise there wouldn’t be any paw prints, would there! Have To Show Where We Live, they all agree.

Scrubbing the sinks is another type of job that obviously requires close supervision. Turn The Tap On, Now! Is quite a common request in our household anyway. Usually delivered in a distinctive, braying tone of voice that clearly demonstrates that it is an imperative that needs to be fulfilled immediately! The fact that I might have the tap on to wash my hands or scrub it is neither here nor there according to the fluffy ones. Ohh – MY Toy, they say, See How Far Water Will Spray When You Put Your Paw JUST There.. And there goes the newly cleaned mirror again now all covered in water. Oops, they sneeze, Evil Water! Got In The Nose! And once they are done playing – Need To Wipe Feet On Clean Table Surface – Or Mum….

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